Saurabh Jaiswal
Digital Strategy Consultant

Saurabh Jaiswal

Founder:  AcharyaShri Inc.

+91 9670 49 5677
On work
since 2001

Professional Skills

Content Marketing 84%
Social Media Marketing 82%
SQL Server 87%
HTML, CSS, JS etc. 94%
Financial Markets 79%
API Design 96%
ASP.Net C# 96%
IIS, WebServer Hosting 82%
Search Engines 85%
Web Portals 98%
Digital Marketing 89%
Mobile App Development 78%
Video Game Design 76%
Concept Writing 96%
Cloud Computing 91%
Emails 92%

Work Experience

2001 - 2005


Whole Sale Stockist - Lucknow

Stockist for various hosiery products catering to weekly bazaars and nearby towns of Lucknow. Key work is to procure products from manufacturers in Kanpur, New Delhi, Ludhiyana and Kolkata.

2005 - 2007


NIILM-CMS - New Delhi

Founded AcharyaShri Inc. Managed NIILM-CMS website with brochure design. Member of Student Placement Team and managed to provide placements to full batch without an official placement officer. Core participant of Managing Team of Eureka - The Annual event.

2007 - 2008

Relationship Manager (Equity)

Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. - New Delhi

Acquisition and servicing of Equity and Mutual Fund portfolios, with specilisation on IPOs. Won the best management trainee award of 2007.

2008 - 2010

Relationship Manager / Team leader

Way2Wealth Securities Pvt. Ltd. - New Delhi

Managing wealth management and creation of strategies including spot and future trading to outperform stock exchanges. Helped in launching Online trading software, fecilitating currency trading, commodity exchange, weather derivatives, India energy exchange, hedging.

2010 - 2012

Consultant / Enabler

Mobile Prepaid Recharge Systems - North India

Setting up distribution system in rural areas of north India including MP and Orissa, backend technical management, back-office operations management, private equity funding, mergers and acquisitions, online software development, developed enterprise solutions for schools, API creation and resource management.

2012 - present

Digital Strategy Consultant

AcharyaShri Inc.

Web development, Microsoft XBOX Video game development, Android apps, Database management, Digital Image makeover, Personal Branding. Visit AcharyaShri Inc. for more info.

Saurabh's Quotes

  • It's easy to remain miserable, but one has to work for happiness.

  • Talented people are not important if they are not with you when required.

  • Offering water 'after' someone died of thirst does not count.

  • Your skills, your talent are completely wasted if you cannot deliver on time.

  • It's easy to build a trust, real test is to maintain it. It's a constant process.

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